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Most Common Resume Mistakes Costing You an Interview

You are searching high and low for a job and sending out countless resumes with no luck with a follow-up interview and no clue as to what could be the problem — perhaps your resume needs a makeover. A poor resume is one of the leading causes of struggling to procure employment, but once you are aware of how to ramp up your resume, this should be a thing of the past. A few quick revisions can take you from dud to stud in the employment industry.

Avoid Typos and Grammatical Errors

The easiest mistake to fix is a typo or grammatical errors. If these are present on your resume, it will most likely immediately end up in the bin upon immediate perusal as it shows carelessness and incapability. If grammar whiz is not one of the titles listed on your resume, find someone who does possess the ability to correct your resume and make it perfect. The attention to detail will work in your favour. While it may seem trivial to you, it can be a big thing to a potential employer.

Lack of Originality

It may seem as though you are being sneaky by sending out the same resume to each employer, but this strategy does not exactly fly under the radar. Employers can tell if you are producing a mass resume instead of tailoring it to the specific job they are looking for. Including keywords found in the job description and only including experience that is valuable to the job in question will show that you are dedicated to landing that job and will more commonly result in an interview. If you are serious about finding a job, you should have more than one resume. This is especially true if you are applying for positions in several different industries. You also want to make sure that you address the specific needs communicated in the job posting.

Too Wordy or Too Vague

Finding a decent middle ground between being too wordy and too vague is difficult but necessary when creating your resume. If a resume is too lengthy, employers will not take the time to read because chances are they have a multitude of other resumes to get through along with the other responsibilities associated with their job. On the other end, if a resume is too short or shows a lot of white space, it appears to them that you are either not experienced or not a hard worker — both of which will most likely not result in an interview. You want to keep it straight to the point. You will have some time to elaborate once you get to the interview stage.

A vital part of job searching is realizing that the process takes time and a lot of determination on your part. Those who are in possession of a dream job did not get there with mistakes on their resumes — they were careful and meticulous in creating something that expressed their suitability for the job. If you feel you are qualified and able to land a certain employment opportunity, show it in your credentials and avoid these common resume mistakes.

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