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The largest city in Punjab, Ludhiana is a major industrial hotspot in India. The history of the city dates back thousands of years to the time of Lodhi dynasty, and hence the name ‘Ludhiana’. Historically, the city was a major hub for textile goods and was popularly known as Manchester of India. In the recent times, the city has seen a lot of migration, both industrial and agricultural, which makes it a booming job haven. Rapid urbanization, safety levels, and a robust economy offer manifold opportunities to both job seekers and entrepreneurs in Ludhiana.
Ludhiana has been twice rated by the World Bank as the best Indian city in terms of business environment. According to another recent study by the PHD Chamber of Commerce, Ludhiana was named the best place to start a business in India. The city is also an important educational hub and has the renowned Punjab Agricultural University, modelled on the lines of the American land-grant university system.

Key Industries and Job Opportunities

Ever since the 60s, when the Green Revolution was at its peak, Ludhiana has been a consistent engineering machinery supplier not only for the state, but all of India. Dubbed as the 'Manchester of India' by the BBC, the city has since grown as the largest base for the hosiery industry. Ludhiana's contribution to the country's total woollen/acrylic output is a massive 80 percent. The city is home to the Vardhman Group of Companies, whose export operations, started in 1990, account for 22 percent of its revenues.
Ludhiana was the biggest contributor towards state income in recent years. It has regularly featured as one of the top 4 cities in Punjab in terms of per capita income. According to a recent economic survey, Ludhiana offers the highest number of jobs across all of Punjab. The same survey revealed that industrial activities in Ludhiana had grown by a whopping 42.27 percent in recent years. It is no wonder then young talents from all over India come to the city for a suitable job opportunity.

Hosiery and Knitwear

The size of this industry in Ludhiana can be gauged from the fact that the knitwear industry alone employs 400,000 people. The larger hosiery sector consists of over 12,000 units, and attracts workers across skill-sets from all over the country. From large-scale, modern businesses like Shingora and Oswal to small industries spread across the city and the emerging manufacturing units, the hosiery and knitwear industries in Ludhiana are only set to grow. New entrants like Oster Knitwears have expanded to produce home furnishings, while the Vardhman group is into the entire value chain. The diversification of this industry makes Ludhiana an even more lucrative career destination.
The Punjab Warehousing Corporation has even taken steps to provide additional storage space to meet export supply demands. Hosiery being essentially a small-scale industry promises job opportunities to workers with different skill sets. Small-scale industrial units, which abound in Ludhiana, have been growing at a brisk pace in the recent years.


Like its other industrial counterparts in Punjab, Ludhiana has a buzzing manufacturing industry, which primarily manufactures food products, steel furniture, and agricultural implements. The auto parts industry manufactures over 60 percent of the tractor parts produced in India, and promises a brilliant future for fresh automobile engineering graduates. Those looking to make a career in the production of luxury car parts can sharpen their skills in manufacturing units in Ludhiana. The city is well-known for the exclusive production of the parts used in BMW and Mercedes.
Ludhiana's sewing machine industry has been another steady job generating sector as well. Out of the 1,500 manufacturing units in the state that contribute to 80% of the country's total business, 1,000 are in Ludhiana.


The country's top cycle brands, Avon and Hero, are based in Ludhiana. In spite of stiff competition from China and Taiwan, Ludhiana remains the biggest bicycle manufacturing hub in Asia. With India's bicycle market set to grow by 11 percent between 2016 and 2021, the industry is expected to see more demand for industry-specific, vocationally trained professionals and engineers alike. Jobs in managerial capacities and sales, too, are to be found aplenty in Ludhiana's cycle industry. Ancillary units in Ludhiana further expand the base for bicycle manufacturing, and offer jobs to unskilled labours as well.
The city also has the Ludhiana Stock Exchange Association, generating jobs for those specializing in financial services. If you are planning your career in any of the above sectors, Ludhiana could be your ideal job destination.
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