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Located on the banks of River Ganga, the North Indian city of Kanpur has long been a major center for leather industry in India, hence the nickname – The Leather City of the World. A mush-up of traditional and new India, Kanpur lets you explore the best of both worlds – from The Kanpur Memorial Church built during the British Raj to Shri Radha Krishna Temple built recently, plus the famous Allen Forest Zoo and Kamla Retreat. The city is a great place to live and work.
In the recent past, the government of India conferred Kanpur the “Town of Export Excellence” status, thanks to the growth of the city’s leather, tea, and plastic exports. Proximity to the national capital, good connectivity via rail, road and air, and the presence of many MNCs and esteemed educational institutions, including the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) make the city one of the most popular job destinations in India.

Job Opportunity

A recent survey by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) found an interesting trend about job creation in Indian cities. In stark contrast to the sluggish employment growth rate in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, small industrial towns like Kanpur, Lucknow, and Meerut are experiencing astounding growth in new job creation. Kanpur, being a major industrial and educational hub in North India, holds a lot of promises for aspiring teachers, researchers, engineers, managers and financial advisers.

Key Industries

Contrary to a popular misconception, Kanpur’s industrial growth rate is higher than many high-profile cities of Uttar Pradesh, including Noida and Meerut. According to a recent report by Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the number of industrial units in Kanpur more than doubled over the past 10-15 years. Bureaucratic red tape and poor infrastructure are still a major problem, but the city is showing signs of development amid those concerns. The manufacturing industry is the key driving force of Kanpur’s economy. Apart from leather and textile products, the city is also one of largest producers of two-wheelers, jewelry products, fertilizers, chemicals, and plastics in Northern India. Other key job generating sectors include education, banking, and information technology.

Leather industry

The rise of Kanpur’s leather industry started in 1860, with the establishment of Government Harness & Saddlery Factory to supply leather products to the British army in India. Over the years, Kanpur gradually established itself as the Manchester of India, with a host of foreign companies, including Cooper Allen & Co., Atherton West & Co., and Victoria Mills expanding operations in the city. Even today, income from leather exports is the highest contributor to Kanpur’s economy. The city exports leather products worth Rs 6,000 crore every year, according to the latest statistics. Some major tanneries in Kanpur include Indian National Tannery, Oriental Tannery, Bengal Tannery, Northern Tannery, and Pacific Tannery. The leather industry in Kanpur creates hundreds of jobs for unskilled workers, factory managers, production supervisors, quality assurance managers, and marketing executives.


Kanpur is home to many acclaimed leather and textile institutes in India, including the Government Central Textile Institute (GCTI), and Government Leather Institute. The city also houses a number of reputable technical institutes, including The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Indian Technical Institute (ITI), and The Indian Institute of Kanpur (IITK), which recently secured the fourth place among Indian Universities in the QS University Rankings. Consequently, Kanpur offers ample employment opportunity in its education sector to both fresh graduates and experienced professionals.

IT and BPO

The IT and BPO sectors of Kanpur is still in its infancy and have great growth potential. At present, a number of IT companies, including Creativatorz, VeragTech, Epsilonium Software India, and BPO India, have offices or headquarters in the city.
Kanpur is growing fast. In addition to the above, several other industries, including food processing, real estate, jewelry manufacturing, tea packaging are flourishing in the city. If you want to seize the opportunity, be sure to keep yourself updated about jobs in Kanpur.
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